A Step Beyond Madness

Art Samples

Part I's original illustrations are mostly in color, but the published versions are in black & white. Here are some examples from my original drawings.

The drawing on the cover of Part I (above) is how I sometimes see myself after bonding with my dear friend la ayahuasca: a skeleton drinking the plant medicine, the light of "truth" shining through me, bare bones...less those things that no longer serve me. 

The next drawing is from a section of Part I describing a dream I had where I was walking along a forest trail. During the walk, I suddenly saw a bright, winged entity coming towards me. Within seconds, it had appeared inches in front of me and we eventually merged into one another.

Above are renditions of thoughts I had while journaling one day. The canine is something I continually have an affinity with- perhaps relating to werewolfs and the process of transformation. The "green man" is me with la ayahuasca enveloping me. The rest have to do with the concepts of healing hands, energy, and my spirit guide butterfly.

Above is a drawing I made after I felt la ayahuasca surging throughout my physical and spiritual selves. My form is barely visible and my heart is one of the few things left that really mattered.




I call this drawing The Watcher. For several years I used to see myself as a winged entity sitting on top of buildings or in overhead tree branches watching over others. I always had a glowing staff with a blazing crystal in my hands. Whenever the crystal glowed brighter, I knew danger was lurking nearby.


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